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‘’Les imaginaires’’

Christophe Tissot - Les Imaginaires - Archéo bleu 2019 - Ed 1/30

“Les Imaginaires” is the overall title given to the artist Christophe Tissot’s contemporary prints, published by the Galerie Cipango. They are compositions devised by the artist using his original paintings and drawings.

Based on his original pictorial work on paper, the artist singles out powerful details and images, transforms them, and organizes them in different colour ranges. In re-discovering his own work, he thus pursues the concept of “harmonious colour resonance” initiated in 1986 (The 7 Horsemen, The 12 Dragons), enabling him to create new networks of autonomous senses, leading to new images which will be printed in limited editions.

The print thus becomes an original work, intended as such by the artist, using several overlaid technical and digital procedures, akin to the numerous lithographic stones of earlier times.

On each occasion, the artist embarks on a creative process which makes the image detached from its source by its size, matter, colour and surface. For the artist, this probably tallies with buried memories in which, as a child, during summer holidays, he spent hours discovering the colourful illustrations of 1940 Mariannes, brought home by his grandmother, who worked in the Post Office, and collecting multi-coloured stamps.

Editions signed and numbered.

Christophe Tissot - Les Imaginaires ; Autre monde 2019 - Ed 1/30

A Sunday at Galerie #5

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So let us meet at the gallery on 15th September between midday and 6 p.m.

Organized by the Professional Committee of Art Galleries,
“A Sunday at the Gallery”, once again invites art lovers,
the curious, and people out for a stroll to visit the participating galleries.

“Punctuated by numerous goings-on: meetings with artists, exhibitions, guided tours, brunches, snacks, performances, readings, work signings, lectures…
This convivial appointment is an exceptional opportunity, lasting a whole Sunday, to make the most of a one-off artistic circuit in art galleries all over France.”