Yoshimi Futamura

For Yoshimi Futamura, ceramics is an art. Her intuitive understanding of the matter comes from her childhood spent in Nagoya, and then from her meeting with the Masters of the Seto Centre. In no time, thanks to the tea ceremony,  she discovered the link between ceramics and the practice of the art of living. As a student she was initiated in the art of  wood firing and the spiritual dimension implicit therein.
Shaped by the thinking of its creator, the terra cotta work is an invitation to discover the path of a tactile imagination. For Yoshimi Futamura it becomes a centre, a new spirit echoing that of the earth seen by the artist as a being per se, but also as a natural asset leading us to something shared, and to humility.

It is indeed with this observation of an original bond with the living world, sometimes forgotten by human beings, that Yoshimi Futamura signs in clay.
This quality of eye and touch, peculiar to the Japanese ceramicist, finds its roots in an age-old history which is freely expressed in her works.

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